Local resident honored at Vietnam Babylift 45th Anniversary Event

Local resident Lana Mae Noone, a participant in the Vietnam Babylift, April, 1975, was recently honored at the Babylift 45th Anniversary event on November 8th.

Lana’s Grandson, Jayden Alexander Chul-soo Noone performed Taps on the Trumpet and Granddaughter Heather Marie Song-Yee Noone was a Production Assistant for the outdoor socially distanced program.
“Children of theThe April Rain,” the Vietnam Babylift Play, which received its first reading at the Garden City Community Church  Forum, received tremendous acclaim from the enthusiastic audience.
Long Island Breakfast Club TV show co-hosts Valentina Janek and Gregg Cajuste served as hosts for the event at Club G, West Hempstead New York.
Several Garden City residents attended and  enjoyed the program and reception that followed.
For details about upcoming performances and how to schedule an outdoor performance of the play, please contact
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