Karen Vito – Everyone Asked Me What Are You Doing?

Back in 2013 I was overweight, unhappy in my job and felt overwhelmed everyday with being stuck! A coworker of mine introduced me to a product line called Isagenix. I didn’t know at the time there was any kind of business opportunity attached to it, but I started the program off hoping it would help me look and feel better.
Low and behold, in 3 months time, I felt like a new person. I had amazing energy, had lost my unwanted weight, was sleeping through the night and looked better than I had in 15 years!
It was at that point people started asking me what I was doing. I started sharing the program with others, helping them look and feel their best and starting to earn enough money to get my products paid for.

I then realized what was sitting in my lap—this amazing company that I was a part of now gave me the opportunity to build a business. A real business, with real income and unlimited potential. I jumped in and started to build my residual income. The company offered the best compensation plan in the industry, gave me the tools I needed to be successful and the resources to grow my business.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of people in both their health and their financial well being. I no longer have a job I hate, I am earning a fantastic income, get to fuel my body with the best nutrition on the planet and truly live a life of both financial and time freedom simultaneously!

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