Jodi Somerstein – Everyone Has a Story…

A starting point of a journey that led them to where they are today.

Mine began around the time when my father got sick. I’ll never forget it. It was Memorial Day weekend 2001. Six weeks later he passed away, on July 4th of all days. That was a hard one…the world was celebrating and I was devastated and crushed.

Not long after that my stepmother passed away too. At this point I now felt broken. I quit my job, avoided everyone and everything, just needing to be alone and heal.

A month later, with the little bit of money my dad left me, I bought a business and went on to successfully run it for the next fourteen years, but I wasn’t happy. That business and the industry I was in had changed me, and not for the better. I became miserable and resentful and jaded, something I had never been before. I knew if I didn’t make a change soon I’d regret it for the rest of my life. I did just that and got out of that business and the industry that had altered me as a person. I vowed to become my old self again and make it a point to be positive, spread kindness and find happiness.

After a long sabbatical, a lot of soul-searching and going through another disappointing career attempt—thankfully, by the grace of God—I was able to find something that I could be passionate about. Something that gave me the ability to help people and do some good.

I found and partnered up with a company that has a global mission to help people and our planet. A company that I can be proud to be a part of. I have finally found my home.

I am on a different journey now. A path to make positive differences in people’s lives and I thank God everyday that I am able to do so!

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