Francis Peonia – I Really Miss New York

I had great work making lots of money and going along smoothly, then the bottom fell out from under me and I couldn’t find work either. I was working at the mall for $6 an hour and working at anything I could find.  I finally found a job at an old restaurant that I worked at ten years ago when I first moved to Denver. I was promoted to manager and did that for a year or so. It was fun and I love the restaurant business, but knew it would not last because of the long hours and the money wasn’t great.

I then decided I needed to try this little furniture business. I opened it two years ago and I have been making a go of it. I have finally started getting recognition in the city and I keep getting written up. I’ve become a queen of marketing. It’s a neat store and I’m looking forward to continuing its growth. I am the acting president of the neighborhood association and have been getting everyone together to start advertising and promoting the area. It’s been a challenge and I hope it turns soon. It really is a neat area. I don’t sell online as of yet but, I am looking into it because that’s what I need to do.

It’s interesting how life changes. I look in the mirror and see the change in my face but the spirit is still alive and thriving. I’m onto new and bigger things, however it’s all different now.

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