Elise Negrin – Holly and the Pack Leader

When you become unemployed in mid-life, you reassess your skills, think about your future and for some, do quirky things. That’s ME!

The quirky animal lover in me came out when one club member mentioned his problem with his very scary 100-pound dog. Holly barks at everyone, she scares people but she is really a sweet dog. Me being me, I went into action and visited him. I found a dog that barked and snarled at me, with her tail between her legs. She’s scared, I said. He told me the mailman is coming soon and the dog will go berserk. I began to make friends, walked her around (he said she would drag me down to the ground, but she did not!) and asked her to obey me. I’m a good pack leader. I’m assertive and I lead, not follow.

There he was! The dreaded mailman was delivering across the street about 10 houses down. I knew Holly saw him, she perked up. The owner asked me to tie her up to the deck rail but I was reluctant. All in all, the mailman came right up to the deck and delivered the mail to Owner and Holly. Well, she sat nice and quiet and never budged. Holly is fine, but his Owner admits he’s a weak pack leader. Now I will add ‘dog consultant’ to my resume. Job well done!

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