Chris Fidis – Feast or Famine

It has been said: “Be ready to answer for the gifts one receives in life.”

I have had a wonderful life.

My career was moving and I was making a lot of money until one day the world changed.

In the blink of an eye your world will be turned upside down.

You lose your job or lose a loved one.

You look around and ask what is going on.

You need to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Be careful what you wish for because it does happen before you know it.

In this world God runs the show and speaks to you while you are not focused.

He will tap you on the shoulder and see if you notice.

If He thinks he has your attention, He will begin to test you.

It’s the random things that seem random but then take shape.

Each one of us affects each other.

Every day we see, pass and notice people, and may even say something to one.

Say “hello” to someone. That could make that person smile when arriving at work.

This person now is having the start of a great day and approves a car loan for someone.

Be rude to someone and that same person may decline the car loan because of anger for the previous rudeness.

Every day is an adventure, so take life one day at a time.

What you have today you may not have tomorrow.

The Long Island Breakfast Club was great for me because helping people help other people feels so good to see.

You know who your real friends are, and many times they are strangers and not family or people you know.

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and reinvent your self!” has always been my tagline.

I practice it every day.

I say thank you to God for the people I know and for the health I still have.

Money pays the bills but can blind you when others need help.

Giving your time, or money, if you can, goes a long way for those in need.

Feast or famine can come at any time, just be ready for it.

When your parents need help, be there for them, because when they are gone, it’s too late.

Do now what you can put off until tomorrow.

Tell family you love them and do not be bitter, but be there for them.

Do not look at what others have because their grass may not be that much greener on the other side.

Be humble in all that you do because you do what is right not because you have to.

Learn about Philotimo, the Gospel, set your spirit free and build a life—don’t just live it.

Most of all get to know Him. He is always watching the world with one eye, and with another eye on you.

I am the co-founder of the Long Island Breakfast Club and love the people I have met in my life.

Many others have hidden themselves from helping you and only care about themselves.

Feast and famine knows no place, no color, and no religion.

When it catches up with you, be prepared to answer for all your gifts you have received.

Chris Fidis

Cofounder, Long Island Breakfast Club

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