Brenda Picone – Where I’m From, I Am

I am from the Age of Disco and Gucci bags.

From bell bottom pants and platform shoes.

I am from antipasto and manicotti on Sundays to home cooked meals every night.

I am from a family of cooking, cleaning and setting tables.

To a beautifully decorated home and educated artistic parents.

From Japanese gardens, antiques, pottery and tapestries.

I am from a close knit family and many distant relatives.

I am from love, devotion and compassion.

From Daddy’s little girl to Mommy’s eldest.

I am from public schooling with high standards.

From a grand high school prom and a small graduating class.

I am from piano lessons, dance recitals, and homemade Halloween costumes.

I am from a family who celebrated every occasion.

From a hard working Dad who gave us everything.

To a mom who was always there.

I am from parents who worked for all they had.

From vacations in the Bahamas and Cape Cod.

To weekends spent with relatives and friends.

I am from beach parties and sunsets.

From a childhood of wonderful memories.

I am from friends, old and new.

Childhood friends from forty five years ago.

I am from a strong Italian family.

From having a sickly brother growing up.

To having a much younger baby sister.

I am from nieces and nephews who I love like my own.

I am from sleepovers, manicures and pedicures and shopping sprees.

I am from a story book romance thirty five years ago.

From St. John’s University to living on Long Island.

From having two beautiful daughters, different in so many ways.

From learning disabilities to Dean’s List.

To making us the happiest parents in the world.

I am from molding my children into the women they have become today.

I am so proud of them both.

I am from traditional parents.

Now I cook, clean and sweep tables.

To take care of them.

I am from christenings, communions and sweet sixteens.

They are for my children.

I am from Sunday meals and vacations.

Now they are different

I am from having a carefree childhood.

To being a responsible adult.

Life has changed

I am still from laughter and excitement.

I am from fun loving memories that will never fade.

From a family who has taught me how to live, love, and give.

I am truly Blessed.

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